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Unreal Aftermath Part 1: Battle at NyLeve's Falls is OUT!! 18/Jun/2014 08:01 Delacroix

MakeMeUnreal, the author of Project Flora has released yet another map for our playing pleasure - it is the first installment of the Aftermath series, titled Battle at NyLeve's Falls. The map can be downloaded in the Aftermath project thread and the Unreal Buddy System by Jackrabbit, required to run the level, is available here. Enjoy!

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Unreal Tourmament 3 NyLeve's Legacy by Lord PorkSword is OUT!! (and goodbye to UT3?) 28/May/2014 05:21 Delacroix

As seen in this thread, Lord PorkSword has finally finished the second level of his Legacy project which is, or should I say, was an attempt to create a reimagining of Unreal on the Unreal Tournament 3 engine. I'm saying "was" because Lord PorkSword has stated that this is his last creation for UT3 and that he'll approach Epic Games about a possibility to continue Legacy on Unreal Engine 4 as an add-on for the new Unreal Tournament.

Thank you, Lord PorkSword, for your fine work - and may you succeed in your attempt to give us Legacy for UE4.

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Site News New webhost for UnrealSP.org 07/May/2014 16:19 ividyon

Following an incredible performance fallout and complete loss of trust with our previous webhost Arvixe.com, we've now moved to a new company: NixiHost. It might take a while for all DNS servers across the world to propagate the change, but the domain move should be completed. The webhost move was intended to coincide with the website reboot, however Arvixe's performance has forced my hand earlier.

All users are advised to purge their UnrealSP.org cookies and browser cache. The forum session cache has been emptied, meaning that most of you will have to re-login.

Note: 1-2 days of forum posts may have been lost, but I don't think anybody managed to post anything important in that buggy period, anyway...

Please comment on the new server's performance below. I'm very interested in seeing how the move pans out, and if performance improves.

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Unreal Unreal Tournament De'Nasha Breeche Monastery by Doublez-Down is OUT! 28/Apr/2014 05:59 Delacroix

Doublez-Down seems to be unstoppable. The talented mapper has just released a new level for our playing pleasure. This map is called De'Nasha Breeche Monastery and can be downloaded in the forum thread.

Thanks, Doublez-Down, for your amazing mapping work.

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Unreal Unreal Tournament UnrealPolyEd updated to 0.7! 21/Apr/2014 07:01 Delacroix

SideWinder has just now released an update to UnrealPolyEd, bumping up the version number to 0.7. Importing .t3d files from UnrealEd is now an option, but with certain limits, as described in the forum thread.

Thanks for your continued support of the mapping community, SideWinder.

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Unreal Chapel of the Elders: Reborn is OUT!! (sort of) 12/Apr/2014 13:28 Delacroix

The incredibly prolific as of late mapper Teridax, who collaborated with Doublez-Down on the Fifth Vortex project and is currently working on Resurgence: Part 1 with AlCapowned, has just posted a surprise release, a remake of Chapel of the Elders, with a subtitle "Reborn". The map is unfortunately unfinished and seems to be cancelled for the time being, so be wary that you are about to play a beta release. As the author himself states, the concept has "just become too much" for him. As sad as it is, let us rejoice - instead of being cancelled completely, the map was released for all to see what could have been. Thank you, Teridax.

Download is available here.

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Unreal Tournament Site News Residual Decay Soundtrack OUT!! 24/Mar/2014 15:27 Delacroix

zYnthetic has surprised us with another soundtrack release. It is common knowledge that Red Nemesis' mammoth project Residual Decay is still in development, yet its soundtrack is available on the musician's BandCamp page, in two variants. Volume 1 is available free of charge and four times as big Complete Soundtrack has a small price tag of 5 USD. Links are available below.

Thank you, zYnthetic, for your amazing work.

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Unreal Unreal Tournament UT-Files.com is back! 16/Mar/2014 13:54 Delacroix

Now this is surprising news! After UT-Files was closed down some time back, everyone considered it lost - and along with it, a huge amount of content, including tough-to-find Unreal and UT single-player maps. Today we've found out that Skillz has brought UT-files back from the grave and, from the looks of it, in the same condition as it was just before its unfortunate demise. We welcome this very useful and comprehensive database of Unreal & UT series' content back. Thank you, Skillz, for making it happen again.

Without further ado, I present you a link to UT-Files.

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Unreal Unreal Tournament UnrealPolyEd is OUT! Creating realistic terrain has never been so easy 15/Mar/2014 07:22 Delacroix

This is a nice surprise for mappers - UnrealPolyEd, a terrain editor for Unreal and Unreal Tournament, by SideWinder of MapScale fame has seen its first public release yesterday. Originally abandoned by the author, it was however recently updated and is now available for download, as seen on SideWinder's homepage. It will certainly be of great help to single-player project authors that aim to have realistic terrain in their maps.

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