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The Unreal X (An idea, maybe it will never exist.)

For gameplay advice and broader discussion of single-player Unreal including custom maps, mods and mutations that alter the game.

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Subject: The Unreal X (An idea, maybe it will never exist.)

Post Posted: 21 Dec 2015, 17:37

Hello... After all these years, i can't believe there wasn't something too big like i am going to tell, it's just my idea.

If someone wants the love of all UT and Unreal players he can make this, maybe never.
Yeah, Unreal X is basically, every Unreal game that uses Unreal 1 Engine.
Ex: Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament GOTY
Unreal Gold = Unreal + Unreal:RTNP

I will only talk about mutators, campaigns and something.

You can put the mutators from UT and Unreal, but be careful, put them in his lists! Since they will be merged and... for example use a UT mutator to play Unreal, maybe it doesn't work...
At least only the mutators that are configured for Unreal X, you don't have problem, they still work in UT (No Unreal X) but it can't read the special configuration of the .int but no problem!
Also you can modify the already configured mutators, if you want them for Unreal (X or not.), Maybe it doesn't work but i think some of them would work and do something in the game.
Yeah, this is confusing, but this makes the game more flexible. :) :P

You can play every campaign here, even oldskool ones, there will be also campaigns configured for Unreal X, they will have special features.
You can remove both Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament in Unreal X, but you will get a message that you can't play! Unless you have other mod that doesn't use Unreal or Unreal Tournament stuff, completely custom.
You can't play Unreal RTNP without Unreal files!!

Engine: It will basically uses the enhanced Unreal 227i from oldunreal.
The shadows. You can configure them, you want the realistic from 227i or the classic shadows?
You can use the Classic graphics or the enhanced Unreal 227i graphics.
New Unreal Editor 2.2, more flexible.
More options for actors, Ex: Scripted Pawns.
A modified SkaarjWarrior Boss that regenerates, does multiple attacks, explodes when dies...
AMD Compatibility, always those cards runs slower in older games! I just play old games but with AMD. :(
Direct X11? Is that possible? The current DX11 is actually buggy.

Something: Unreal Tournament uses the same engine than Unreal as i know.

I want your opinions about what do you think.
Thanks and sorry if you thought this was real, no, this is UNREAL.

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Nothing to say. :D ;)

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