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Enable Oldskool client-side cheating in old Unreal maps?

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Skaarj Scout Skaarj Scout
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Subject: Enable Oldskool client-side cheating in old Unreal maps?

Post Posted: 12 Aug 2017, 22:47

How can you force an old Unreal map to allow cheating in UT/Oldskool when it doesn't work?

You know what I mean. Sometimes you've just got to summon a flashlight, or ghost yourself out of a place you shouldn't be stuck in. Or in my case, I've got a bad case of Nali-Weapons-3 jitters and I want to throw my ASMD and replace it with a bolt rifle. But I've noticed that in some Unreal maps opened with Oldskool, some (or who knows, maybe all; I haven't done any systematic experimentation) console commands don't work. Case in point: I'm currently playing DavidM's early effort "The Crash", notable for the Skaarj suit. In the first map everything worked fine. But now suddenly in the second map I can't summon a dang thing, not from NW3 nor even a regular Unreal item. Nor can ghost, fly, etc. UT mutators specified in the active list do work, but apparently no console commands (though I haven't tried to load a mutator via console). The same behavior occurs whether I play through the first map and auto-load into the second, or whether I load the second map manually. Worse, if I summon NW3 weapons in map 1 so I'll have them on map 2, and thus workaround the summoning failure in map 2, it doesn't work. When you autoload from map 1 to 2, you lose all items.

I've noticed the summoning problem in other old Unreal maps when opened in Oldskool, although sometimes it's the opposite: sometimes mutators won't work but console commands do. As one or the other happens more often than I'd like, I decided not to ignore it any longer and ask if there's anything that I can do about it.

So, does anyone know why this happens, and if it's possible to correct (easily, without going into UED and making actual changes in the maps)? If this is a very old topic hashed out long ago, please feel free to just point me to relevant material.

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Subject: Re: Enable Oldskool client-side cheating in old Unreal maps?

Post Posted: 14 Aug 2017, 18:00

since no one answered, ill say what i guess.
there is only 2 reasons this can happen.
reason 1: player pawn was replaced with a custom version that the auther decided to blank out cheat functions for.this would be especially true for "cutscences" or cases of custom playermodels, or a special gamemodes.

reason2 - usually occuring more in net games, but can happen elsewhere:
somthing in the map is corrupt; most notably the scripts.
either there were changes and remained uncompiled. or there could be broken sounds.
this usually breaks the replication chain and causes those command ( but not the native commans like quit etc)

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