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[u1] Unreal Podcast 1

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Subject: [u1] Unreal Podcast 1

Post Posted: 06 Oct 2009, 10:17

Whoa hey, what's this? A podcast about everyone's favorite decade old first person shooter video game by Epic MegaGames? Well, ain't that something!
The cooperation of Shivaxi and LOL_PEANUTS has brought us this one and a half hour-long feature. It includes Unreal-themed music by Shivaxi and other contributors, but most prominently a series of interviews with Mister_Prophet, Turboman and qtit of respective Residual Decay, Firestorm and ISV Dragonfly fame, along with other discussions and tidbits.
You can find this novel take on the Unreal community in the affiliated USP forum thread.
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