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Posted: 28 Oct 2009, 01:56
by zbreaker
We will wait...but not forget :lol:

Posted: 27 Dec 2009, 18:05
by redeye
I have so much still want a map pack that each map all chained together, as a new map in your face, a complete different experience all lined up, map exit-enter, no hub.
I havn't played any of these maps yet, so it will be a suprise with or without a hub.

So this brings me to think, rather than forced linked maps, and without a freewil hub.
What about tieing in a large place consisting of movers (outside scene like you have) so it opens a new wall,exposes, and unlocks next map, (huge thick concrete walls).
but somehow tie in a maze or mabye a fight, or traps, after the newwall opens.
then, next map>new hub objective new area > next map>new hub objective new area, etc etc.

Also as maps get acces, and walls are all down, it would be a regular hub map.I suppose you could make enemies to respawn in the hub after each level after all the walls are down.

Not sure about repeating or reloading a hub would work, or after the last wall is down, use no link to allow the hub to end and change to a whole new map pack (the final exit of the hub) I dunno, lol.

Just a suggestion, it would be even more work though.
But keep the hub as one theme for less work.