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Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 23:22
by Hellscrag
Ok. :(

Only 15 entrants left on the list now. Still, we may yet get some unexpected submissions.

Posted: 30 Jul 2009, 06:09
by redeye
Well, as bad as I been trying to get my files back, friggen reinstalling win2000, on and on, my two maps I was working on are friggen GONE !

Along with the progress for this contest map, GONE


So I am pissedly stepping out of this mapping round, leave it to me to partition my GOOD hard drive. :shake: I been getting files back, but my whole old UT directory is not in the the drive.
Man if I never added any new files I bet I would have regrouped quite well.

So take me off the list, woulda been a medium joke map, but still hard and fun with a bang-up ending, was my plan.

Posted: 30 Jul 2009, 19:29
by Hellscrag
Bad luck redeye - I thought you'd already backed out, though, so I had already taken you off the list.

Posted: 02 Aug 2009, 19:09
by nikosv
I will join!

Posted: 02 Aug 2009, 19:11
by Legendslayer222
LOL_PEANUTS wrote:I will join!

You got about 5 hours, 50 minues left. :P

Posted: 02 Aug 2009, 20:27
by Z-enzyme
LOL_PEANUTS wrote:I will join!

:shock: That certainly was unexpected. "Run forest! Ruuuuun!!"