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For questions and discussion about UnrealEd, UnrealScript, and other aspects of Unreal Engine design.

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Subject: Re: UScript: Chat, Questions, Discussion

Post Posted: 09 Sep 2016, 17:10

Buff is right, these should be done totally serverside. You can add a simple relevancy check to filter anything that pops in and out on you.

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Subject: Re: UScript: Chat, Questions, Discussion

Post Posted: 10 Sep 2016, 04:15

Simulated = clientside.

Flags aren't really a priority right now. Doing some longer testing, without having made any changes yet it makes the game pretty unstable. Just with "normal" drops, maybe 50% of things dropping 1-3 items, the game seems to be removing other inventory items. After a while placed pickups and weapons are gone and SKTroopers can only use melee. I have a feeling it might just be too much for the server since there are no problems at all running locally with forced super drops (drop chance 100%, 20-60 items each). Ideally it only needs to know the item exists and like gibs, leave the where up to the clients. Location wont sync but it's really not that important. Running physics completely client-side will look much smoother any way. I'm going to rewrite this and make as much as I can run clientside to see if there's a performance difference.

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Subject: Re: UScript: Chat, Questions, Discussion

Post Posted: 23 Dec 2017, 02:36

What about Unreal Editor 2.1 usable mapping space extending? I mean, Unreal Editor 2.1 has pretty big space to build map, but what about far more extra space? Like make it 9-10 times bigger? Would the engine handle it?
Reason: I was experimenting with map merging, like I put together: SpireVillage, TheSunspire, SkyCaves, SkyTown into one map, and looked so good to go up to SkyTown without loading, and have a look down to Spirevillage from SkyTown... undescribeable. This project just used all the editor space, from side to side, and from up to bottom.
So I need more editor space now.
Is there a chance to change the engine somehow, and extend the editor space? At least on planar dimensions: from side to side, for example if it would be 3 times wide?

All answers are appreciated.


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