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Need help for a playerpawn replacement script

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Skaarj Assassin Skaarj Assassin
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Subject: Need help for a playerpawn replacement script

Post Posted: 20 May 2016, 02:22

I have a strafe bunny hop mod that has been on the shelf for a while, and I need help making it convenient for players to join as my custom playerpawn without having to use any lengthy commands. I was hoping for maybe a script that would replace a joining player's playerpawn class with the custom one. Maybe by a mutator for instance, or even if I made a custom coop game mode. Anything is fine, and I am running my server on the vanilla coop gametype. I remember a long time ago I looked into doing this, but I never got very far.

Skaarj Assassin Skaarj Assassin
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Subject: Re: Need help for a playerpawn replacement script

Post Posted: 20 May 2016, 09:42

If you are using 227, then GameRules should do the job. Adding to ServerActors should work I think:

Code: Select all

// PlayerReplacement.
class PlayerReplacement expands GameRules;

function PostBeginPlay()
   if(Level.Game.GameRules == None) Level.Game.GameRules = Self;
   else Level.Game.GameRules.AddRules(Self);

// Modify a playerpawn class to spawn with
function ModifyPlayerSpawnClass( string Options, out Class<PlayerPawn> AClass )
      Case class'MaleThree':   AClass=class'new_MaleThree'; Break;
      Case class'MaleTwo':   AClass=class'new_MaleTwo'; Break;
      Case class'MaleOne':   AClass=class'new_MaleOne'; Break;
      Case class'FemaleTwo':   AClass=class'new_FemaleTwo'; Break;
      Case class'FemaleOne':   AClass=class'new_FemaleOne'; Break;
      Default:             AClass=class'new_MaleThree'; Break;


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Subject: Re: Need help for a playerpawn replacement script

Post Posted: 02 Jul 2016, 03:22

Late but the first mod I wrote was a security patch for ugold. The menu selectable rtnp characters introduced a huge exploit in mutiplayer. It checked the player login class and if it wasn't a valid original unreal char, changed it. I don't have the script any more but it was integrated into jcoop and probably derivatives of. It's not as neat as Bleeder's but it should work on all versions.

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