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CANNED "Prey-rebooot" stuff

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Subject: CANNED "Prey-rebooot" stuff

Post Posted: 03 Sep 2017, 11:29

Let me show you guys somethin' I've been workin' on.

Remember Prey from '98?
I'm sure you do. Legend has that is ran on a heavily modified Unreal engine.
Story time over. I'm just too lazy to type.

Grab the teaser.
We had a few more workin' maps. Let me know if you guys are interested in seen 'em.

(Be sure to have MUSIC and SOUND on.)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1be4z63xjfmd ... R.zip?dl=0

Let me know if any of you is interested in codin' a few weapons for me.
I've got sprites, so the weapons should look like the ones imported from doom.
Some kind of a sheet-mesh.

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