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[227][released] '96 SkyCity remake

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Subject: [227][released] '96 SkyCity remake

Post Posted: 10 Nov 2017, 00:26

The gray stone looking '96 level reconstruction based on available screenshots and videos. Also with more or less faithful remakes of the textures. Use software rendering in 16 bits for best experience (If the game lags too much, do "set early96hud bPattern 0" and "set early96hud bCaustics 0").

There's no gameplay this time. Just walk around the level to satisfy your '96 thirst. You can also throw around the "fireballs" if you want. My goal wasn't to create something playable, but rather to create some material for a possible '96 beta remake. (The levels are what's missing the most, after all.)

You can use the level or its parts (e.g. the textures) for whatever you want.

Screenshots: ... edirects=0 ... edirects=0 ... edirects=0 ... edirects=0


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Subject: Re: [227][released] '96 SkyCity remake

Post Posted: 10 Nov 2017, 00:41

Wow! That looks incredibly accurate. :tup:

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Subject: Re: [227][released] '96 SkyCity remake

Post Posted: 10 Nov 2017, 17:17

Welcomed as all of your works so fafr!

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Subject: Re: [227][released] '96 SkyCity remake

Post Posted: 10 Nov 2017, 18:15

I love this sooo much! :D It gives me back the old 96 feeling.
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