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Re: A quick self-introduction (+ EXU stuff)

Posted: 30 Mar 2017, 22:19
by KeeperUTX
Arsenal Analysis: Part III

Expect the unexpected.
While the massive waves of EXU's monstrosities can make you fill your pants with dread... or the room with their remnants as their guts spew willy-nilly all over the place, even if most of the areas are filled to the brim, be aware of hidden enemies. In many, many cases, these can to be very detrimental to your progress within the campaign as it is, usually tearing out a healthy chunk of your armor or health if you aren't paying full attention to the entire area after clearing out of any more obvious opponents.. Or, otherwise, they may end up making complete fools of themselves and killing their comrades or just flat out blowing themselves up (Trust me, it tends to happen in this crazy universe we're thrusted into).

What I'm jabbering on about is to mind the darker, secluded, or less obvious areas of the maps. Your biggest threats in these cases are usually invisible or ceiling-based enemies, which can get a suprise attack on you before you even realize they're there. While the invisible opponents pose less of a threat (Normally they're just Brutes that shoot arrows at you... MOSTLY. I said to expect the unexpected SO EXPECT IT!!), the Tentacles can be commonly surprisingly hard to spot when they're not giant, freakish, flying, meaty UFO thingies in the sky that rain death down upon you in the form of... well, anything that's completely lethal and bad for your health. Almost all of the Tentacle based classes still have their enemy spotted sound from Unreal. Pay close attention to the sounds - a well timed dodge can save you from reloading because you got hit by that god-damned Flak Tentacle. Again.

Weapon Slots 6 and 7

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6: The Hell Gun

Weapon Type: Medium-Long Range Devastation, Self-Defense
Origin: Demonic
Damage Type: Hell
Ammunition Capacity: 0-900
First located in: Map 08: Frostclaw Outpost

"We've scavenged a single, barely functioning model of what appears to be the main weapon of the so-called "Demonic" soldiers. Resembes a very old model of the Schultz-Metzger T23-A Minigun that is currently in-use in the Second Liandri Tournaments. In fact, the weapon looks like one of the earliest designed Metzger models, featuring seven barrels in unusual positioning. The difference between the two is that the salvaged gun fires from ALL barrels at once. Along with this, the weapon is reportedly capable of emitting a short-range shockwave in a defensive radius... this claim requires further sightings."

-Scientist discussing the peculiar, energy-based twin to the Metzger-series Minigun.

The Hellgun is the 8th weapon (counting the Translocator and the Flare Gun) you'll be locating within the original Batshit Insane campaign.

Primary Fire: Looses a single Hellbolt at a moderate firing rate that deals a great amount of damage in trade for 3 ammunition. Has a fairly large splash radius and travels quickly, so refrain from firing in close quarters with the primary fire. The Hellbolt also flings out Pentagram projectiles in multiple directions (not many, roughly 3-5, but still a thing to note), damaging your targets. The biggest thing, however, about this projectile, is that each lowers the resistance of Hell Damage of the currently struck target(s). This means that each hit will lower the resistance of the target so low that it'll go into negative numbers, effectively increasing the damage dealt by all Hell-based damage of the owner of the weapon while the gun is held. This means any Hell-based flare you chuck out (or any Hell-based damage that is under your ownership, like an exploding Soul Canister) will have its damage against that target amplified as well. This firing mode is extremely powerful against mobs of heftier enemies that are clustered up, but not in reach of the secondary fire's furious wrath.

Secondary Fire: Releases a powerful Hellblast at the cost of 15 ammunition, obliterating or severely hurting anything within its radius, which is located around the owner. This firing mode, while it does not increase Hell Damage by itself, is incredulously effective at wiping out entire armies of foes that are not of Demonic nature as they approach you. A really nice thing to note is that your own Hellblasts, including the ones from your own flares, will not harm you in any way (unless it manages to destroy an explosive enemy or barrel that's right on top of you. Then you're fucked without protection. Sorry, sonny). Firing rate is sluggish compared to the primary's rate.

While the firing rate of the Hellblast alt-fire is slower than its primary fire, don't panic - the radius of the blast is fairly large, so you may freely hold down the alt-fire key while your opponents foolishly run up to you, only to be wiped off the face of the Burning Hells.

Make fair use of the primary fire against hardier targets to weaken them against Hell Damage, then use Hellblasts if they get too close. The already insidious amount of damage the blast incurs will be greatly amplified by the now lowered resistance of the victim. Of course, if your enemy is keeping its distance (which is actually semi-rare), just use the Hellbolts or a long-range weapon...

WARNING: Don't use the damned thing or its Flare counterparts against Demonic enemies (Normally signified by them firing Fire or Hell-based projectiles along with greyish/black skin - C'MON, IT'S OBVIOUS, THE FUCKERS ARE SHOOTING PENTAGRAMS AT YOU!!). It'll do jack shit against them, or worse, as stated in previous posts - heal your enemies. Beware that the Hell Gun's damage-stacking ability also applies to healing. Wouldn't want to heal that boss you've been killing for the last 3 minutes while you're near dead, would you?

7: The Tachyon Driver

Weapon Type: Extreme Damage, Self Defense
Origin: Human
Damage Type: Tachyon
Ammunition Capacity: 0-50
First located in: Map 12: Doom Arena

"The current model of the Z-7000/50 "STORMBOLT" Tachyon Driver was given to Polaris Command as a field test shortly prior to their leave of Earth on for a scouting mission for Skaarj N'chuduu vessels operating in private sectors. Initial tests have resulted in the weapon destroying most matter by tearing it apart on a molecular level - a trait shared by the Amplified Sub-Molecular Destabilizer, or the ASMD as abbreviated by militants and Tournament participants, only violently condensed into a single, powerful beam, and fueled by single-use Tachyon-based Cores instead of the usual E-2280 Tarydium Plasma Cores. Polaris' signal, however, has been lost in the Na Pali sector, presumably again due to the Tarydium on the surface of the planet. Awaiting RSVP on the STORMBOLT model's performance in combat."

-A report concering the prototype Tachyon Driver STORMBOLT variants.

The Tachyon Driver is the single most powerful long-range weapon within EXU, barring the Super Weapons of the mod. A brother-from-another-mother of the Instagib Rifle, it delivers extreme amounts of pain to the enemy.

Primary Fire: Charges up to 100%, at which it remains until the trigger is released, shooting out a highly condensed, extremely powerful beam of pure Tachyon energy that travels instantly to the targetted location or victim. The damage of this attack is so violently high that it is likely to kill all but the hardiest of foes in a single beam. Slight aiming errors are "allowed" as the beam will cause a very small splash radius on impact, killing or otherwise crippling anything too close to your intended target. Beware, however, as the primary fire's firing rate is very low, and takes a moment to begin charging another shot. The splash damage from the impact of the beam does not harm the weapons wielder.

ADDITIONAL: The primary fire may be disengaged at any time, even while charging, by pressing the alt-fire key. This will not expend the currently loaded core (in lay-man's terms, you don't waste ammunition). Credits to UBerserker for this critical correction.

Secondary Fire: Unleashes a two-stage blast wave of Tachyon energy in all directions, dealing less damage than the beam firing mode but knocking away all targets an incredible distance, if not outright killing them. If they survive the first wave, or are slammed against a nearby wall and are in range, then the second coming is sure to finish them off in almost any case; all targets within range are afflicted with a damaging Tachyon Storm which harms everyone but its instigator (the player) in a short-range radius rapidly with moderate damage ticks, before finally erupting in a powerful Tachyon-fueled blast that demolishes most everything that is caught in its range. Truly, the secondary fire's prowess in elimination and defense are of high caliber if use correctly. Has a slow rate of fire, similar to the primary.

A very important thing to note about the Tachyon Driver is that, most of the time, your ammunition with it, unlike most of the other weapons in the arsenal, will be especially low. Make sure that every core used counts, or you may find yourself in a pickle of a situation if you just fire with the gun around all willy-nilly. Refrain from using it on lower-value targets unless they're in giant swarms around you. Use other weapons such as the Hell Gun and a combination of running, throwing a Translocator back and teleporting back to heavy-arsenal firing distances for other weapons if said Hell Gun cannot kill the targets.

The Tachyon Storm of the alt-fire comes less than a second later than the blast wave that knocks away enemies. This will even come into effect if you were behind a wall after the Tachyon WAVE, but not before the STORM hits. So, even if you happened to have to duck behind cover to avoid a particularly powerful projectile coming your way, fear not; your attack isn't entirely wasted. Just move out of cover to hit anything coming your way with the Tachyon Storms, if you time it just right. It can be hard to do this with the very minor gap between the two phases of the alternate fire, but it means that your ammunition won't be wasted on nothing because you had to make like a pussy and run for your life for a second's time.

Much like the E-AR having an acute synergy with the Extractor's scope function, the Tachyon Driver primary fire can be used in the same way for greatly increased accuracy against small-but-hardy targets.

The Wave emitted by the Driver's alt-fire also punts HP-heavy opponents back to a more advantageous position, letting you wail on them with heavy, explosive weaponry without shredding yourself. But remember; there's also some weight-heavy enemies in the mod that won't budge at all, even at point blank range. Keep this in mind.

Also, take note that this is one of the very few weapons in the mod's current maps that don't really have any resistances to Tachyon Damage - if they do, but don't have enough HP to survive that beam, weeeeeellllllll... they should've gone to the Demon Gyms more.

This concludes almost all of the weapons that can be obtained during a regular playthrough of EXU2: Batshit Insane. Other, more secret weapons will be covered in a future post. Thanks for reading so far ^^

Re: A quick self-introduction (+ EXU stuff)

Posted: 31 Mar 2017, 22:11
by UBerserker
PSA you can cancel the tachyon's charged beam with the secondary fire.
Also many of the G59 bosses are outright immune to it :'

Re: A quick self-introduction (+ EXU stuff)

Posted: 03 Apr 2017, 13:05
by KeeperUTX
Or are otherwise healed by it, yes...

How do I forget such critical information >< curse my memory.

But the thing with this is that I'm mostly speaking about Batshit Insane's campaign... you make a fair warning for those who try to use the Tachyon Driver against certain bosses in your campaign, however.

Re: A quick self-introduction (+ EXU stuff)

Posted: 26 Apr 2017, 13:30
by UBerserker
Yo when the rest of the weapons lol

Re: A quick self-introduction (+ EXU stuff)

Posted: 29 Apr 2017, 16:25
by KeeperUTX
@UBerserker; I took a bit of a break from EXU (Kind of unfortunate timing but eh...) for a little while, however, I have the rest of the arsenal to post in the back of my head aside from certain other stuff regarding Batshit Insane.

Brutal Doom kinda caught my attention since I wanted to replay it after going through Batshit Insane twice. I do have a playthrough of G59 (Unreal difficulty this time - I'd like something a bit more challenging) in the back of my head - a fresh one so I can forget a little and re-experience the game properly (although in Brutal Doom, enemies don't flank you constantly nor do they respawn... I'm getting the feeling I'll have shoddy reflexes haha). It'll let me revise the additional slots I haven't covered thus far. I'll likely attend to your campaign in the near future and write a description of weapon slots 8 through 10.


My current computer is having BSOD seizures to the point where it cannot operate properly, and only ceases after multiple crashes in rapid succession - it looks to be as if my jalopy is near its end. I will be getting a new computer soon, but the update for weapon slots 8, 9 and 10 are to be delayed until then. EXU is the first thing I'll put on the new computer to play through and finally update this shindig. Apologies for anyone who reads this thread for information