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[VERSION 7 UPDATE] Excessive Unreal Pawns: Volume 1

Posted: 30 Jul 2017, 20:21
by jaypeezy
12/16/2017: If any of you have attempted to use EXUPawns1.u with version 7 of EXU2:BI, you may have noticed that nothing works! There were some changes introduced in Version 7 that posed compatibility issues for the first release of EXUPawns1.u, which was built and compiled against version 6. Fortunately, they mostly involved things like replaced or renamed effects classes, new or deprecated property names, and replaced extended classes. They were easy enough to work around and now, a version of EXUPawns1 is available that works with version 7 - aptly named EXUPawns1v7.u. You can download it here.

This updated release only fixes the above compatibility issues. There have been no new pawns, effects, or entities introduced in this release. A consequence of these changes is that this new release is not backwards compatible with EXU2:BI version 6, so if you have not yet upgraded to 7 no action is needed. You can keep using the first release of EXUPawns1.u, the link for which is still available below. If you have upgraded, download the link for version 7, and be sure to update any mutator .ini files you are using to spawn monsters to reflect the new class name (find+replace EXUPawns1. with EXUPawns1v7. using a text editor).



This small collection of scripted pawns adds a variety of new, challenging enemies with all the visual bells and whistles you can normally expect from Excessive Unreal 2: BI. Get ready to face three new families of enemies:

Bio Burster
Bloated, infected zombie-like enemies with a simple but deadly attack strategy: charge an enemy and detonate on impact, creating a cloud of poisonous gas in their wake.

Phase Entities
A subset of enemies that use teleportation technology to their advantage during combat. You’ll need eyes in the back of your head to defeat these foes.

Hover Bots
Two distinct classes of airborne turret systems - normal and heavy - in several classic “flavors” introduced in Excessive Unreal 2. Get them before they get you!

Version 7 - Direct Download Link
Version 6 - More Info + Download Link at

Re: Excessive Unreal Pawns: Volume 1

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 00:17
Interesting, cool stuff!! :o :wink:

Re: Excessive Unreal Pawns: Volume 1

Posted: 31 Jul 2017, 17:56
by Buff Skeleton
Nice work! I'm glad to see the bio bastard out in the open :)

Re: [VERSION 7 UPDATE] Excessive Unreal Pawns: Volume 1

Posted: 16 Dec 2017, 20:59
by jaypeezy
Version 7 is rad, but broke the pawns :( so I fixed them! :) A link to the new release has been added in the original post. I'll provide a brief list of changes here, also available in the README file:

Code: Select all

Change Log

FakeOrangeBeam, FakeRedBeam, FakeStealthBeam, FakeYellowBeam, FakeGreenBeam:
   12/16/2017 : DefaultProperty 'Texture' set, fixes the end effect defaulting to DopeBeanCap's texture
   12/16/2017 : DefaultProperty 'Texture' set, changed 'reallyfuckinginvisible' to 'targetlocked'
   11/5/2017 : Added back these properties from the old EXU.NewClusterfuckerRocket
   - ImpactSounds[4];
   - ExplosionClass1;
   - ExplosionClass2;
   - BoomSize1;
   - BoomSize2;
   11/5/2017 : The last argument to EXU.EXUGutShootNoise() is now a function
   11/5/2017 : Based off EXU.AdvancedDemonKrall, overlay now extends staticglow
   11/5/2017 : Based off EXU.AdvancedDemonKrall, overlay now extends SkaarjFiendOverlay