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== Version 7.1 [12-5-2017] Discussion ==

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Subject: Re: == Version 7.1 [12-5-2017] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 12 Feb 2018, 22:26

Bioflares (not Biohazard) crash the game if used against Pupae.

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Subject: Re: == Version 7.1 [12-5-2017] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 12 Feb 2018, 23:36

Good find. Fixed that I think -- it's possible with any actor really, but is more prominent with pupae since they are often all clumped up together when the flare goes off, and then you have a bunch of pupae (and carcasses) all being impacted by the same kind of biogel projectile all at once, and the game thinks it's an infinite recursion when it isn't really.

I fixed it the same way I fixed similar crashes: by swapping the bioglob class for a version that has no collision initially, and then turns it on 0.1 seconds later.

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Subject: Re: == Version 7.1 [12-5-2017] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 17 Feb 2018, 10:36

Also, The Horror Flare can be partially negated if someone moves onto the place it landed while the first :> appears.
And if it hits an enemy rather than a surface, sometimes only two or three :>s appear.

I also noticed on some Co-Op Maps that at some point, nearly ever enemy on the map will gather and collectively try to attack the Instigator Dummy. Maybe giving it some sort of Team Tag could help or something?
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