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== Version 7.1 [12-5-2017] Discussion ==

For public discussion of all things EXU2.

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Subject: Re: == Version 7.1 [12-5-2017] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 19 Dec 2017, 05:43

Yes, that's intentional. It's so you can get credit for kills made by Jolt Chargers running around if you shoot at it. It's basically a mobile Joltstone that also wants to kill you.

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Subject: Re: == Version 7.1 [12-5-2017] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 18 Jan 2018, 14:33

DoomTrooper and its variants are broken, they spawn with no weapons. Be it through editor or through summon.
Also another thing is that Queens can use their shields, which looks extremely weird on some of her variants.


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