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Unreal 227 Singleplayer Map Update Project [WIP]

For discussion and promotion of Unreal Engine single-player campaigns, mapping projects and total conversions.

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Subject: Re: Unreal 227 Singleplayer Map Update Project [WIP]

Post Posted: 17 May 2017, 23:06

Krull0r wrote:Thanks for your comments :) this keeps my motivation on this project and shows me that some people are interested in an updated version of Unreal 1 using OldUnreals 227 patch.

the sad part is that it will take a lot of years to finish such a huge project.
But one day it will be done and you can discover Unreal again with some new wow effects like the first time where you left the Vortex Rikers and looked up to the sky. :)

I am also one of those interested (especially after seeing the enhancements you implemented). But also in this topic I'm wondering if it is really worth it. It's going to take years to finish ... will there still be a audience then?? I'll certainly be there, Unreal and UT will be with me untill I die, even if the future operating systems won't support it (I'll keep a PC especially for U and UT so help me G, J or A and other deities)

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Subject: Re: Unreal 227 Singleplayer Map Update Project [WIP]

Post Posted: 18 May 2017, 01:13

Yes, it is really time consuming and it will take some years until this will be finished.
Building maps for Unreal is one of my favorite hobby.

I always compare my work with a guy who have a model railway platform. Maybe other people will never see the result or the work behind it. Its important for the owner that he has fun in what he is doing.

But my thoughts are also, there is actually no remake of Unreal and this masterpiece was a milestone in game history. Maybe some people will replay the game with this updated version.
This project is also a showcase, what Unreal can achive with the 227 Patch.

And If I ever decide to stop working on it, because of some changes in life or what ever. I'll release everything I have in unfinished state.

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Subject: Re: Unreal 227 Singleplayer Map Update Project [WIP]

Post Posted: 18 May 2017, 01:31

I think it is not so much an issue of discontinued interest, because fueling that interest is exactly what modding+mapping do. :P
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