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[UT] Χέοψ ~Cheope~ DORADO

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Nali Priest Nali Priest
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Subject: Re: [UT] Χέοψ ~Cheope~ DORADO

Post Posted: 24 May 2018, 19:25

New small patch available. This is the final -final- version of this map. I had no time to repackage for now, so just get what's inside the google drive folder.
Precache setting turned on is really good on this level.

Mister_Prophet wrote:

alerting you on this as I said in the review thread

    • Xeops' own texture pack and texturing have been updated, including macro "bumping" support.
    • The secret Combat Boots have been removed.
    • The secret Turbo Helm has been replaced with a Kevlar Suit and a Shield Belt.
    • Three Clips and one Minigun ammo pack removed in the Horus pool area.
    • Krall Elites do not appear anymore in the Horus pool courtyard - only regular Krall do. This also stops the weird clashes between them.
    • The message related to the above change found in the same area do not mention anymore the Krall going haywire due to the high environmental temperature.
    • The Krall Seers in the Horus pool courtyard now appear on all difficulties.
    • Chainsaw damage increased from 40/220 to 65/255.
    • Quadshot's primary fire single shell damage increased from 13 to 14.
    • Shock Rifle's headshot damage increased from 180 to 240.
    • Pulse Gun's primary fire orb damage decreased from 30 to 25.
    • Pulse Gun's secondary fire beam damage decreased from 170 to 150.
    • Regular Ripper's razor blades damage buffed: from 30/180 to 45/225 (regular/headshot).
    • Ripper's explosive blades damage buffed from 80 to 115.
    • Accuracy of Svarog's firemodes slightly increased.
    • Minigun's main damage decreased from 8 to 6 (random damage remains 24).


Nali Priest Nali Priest
Posts: 7852
Joined: 11 Nov 2007, 21:00

Subject: Re: [UT] Χέοψ ~Cheope~ DORADO

Post Posted: 15 Jun 2018, 22:12

Small note: finally updated the XeopsDorado.7z pack with the last changes. If you never downloaded the release beforehand then the separate patch isn't necessary anymore; otherwise if you forgot to update but had the original Dorado version, you can still use the separate patch link in the post above.


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