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[WIP] RPG_Game_dev 0.0.2 Fix'd

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Subject: [WIP] RPG_Game_dev 0.0.2 Fix'd

Post Posted: 30 Jan 2016, 00:41

Boom mates, I'm back. This time I have some UnrealScript knowledge under my belt and would like to present what I've been working on (again with massive amounts of help). This is RPG_Game_dev.u 0.0.2, still in a WIP state but it has quite a bit more added to it this time. No longer is it just a pawn and a camera with camera position modifiers, but now:
> New game type (RPG_Game)
> Camera
> Custom pawn (with a custom control scheme)
> A thing that rotates the pawn
> A thing the player can press a button near to shoot at triggers
> [wip] Level ups
> And an enemy!

The intentions of the mod is to bring:
> 2D Isometric sprite actors via textures for pawns instead of 3D models,
> a 3rd person camera to track the player but is NOT controlled by player,
> platforming elements,
> a Xenogears fighting mode triggered by pawns in the platformer mode.

I'm kinda showing off my map making skills but they leave much to be desired. Here is the full YouTube video I have right now that explains what I have. If anyone is interested, I can post some download links. I would like to implement some features from Firetrucks from ebd, but I gotta gets permission first. Enjoy, also the video is 8 minutes long with my annoying voice, skip to minute 5-6 for a quicker preview:

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