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[Unreal Gold 227i] Unreal Nightmare 1.3 FINAL Release

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Subject: [Unreal Gold 227i] Unreal Nightmare 1.3 FINAL Release

Post Posted: 30 May 2017, 23:21




NOTE: Unreal 227i and Unreal Gold/Unreal + Expansion is required

Unreal Nightmare throws you back in the original Unreal campaign, changing not the levels, but everything in them.

Brought back by an unknown force, you now have to fight your way through the planet again, finding new weapons, fighting new monsters, facing nightmare-ish challenges.

Evade an army of Skaarj ships, fight Chizra himself, hunt down the Nali Demon Lord, face-off against the Demon Skaarj and the Prime Queen, and survive against the very maker of this Nightmare.

-Every single encounters in the game have been completely redesigned to embrace the arcade nature of Unreal's gameplay. Expect some levels to have hordes of monsters.

-Every level brings forth new monster variations, with customized scripts. Things start simple, and get crazier as you progress.

-Over 16 epic bosses awaits you, including a proper final boss

-Over 12 new weapons and over 30 new items to help you battle through these new challenges

-Many upgrades and secrets are added in all the levels. After completion of the mod, you are brought to a Level Select and can see every upgrades and keys you have missed. Can you find them all?

-Collect enough Nightmare Keys for an alternate ending

-Targeting HUD gives you the name and health of your enemies

-Optional Leveling system, giving experience for kills and increases some of your stats when leveling up.

-Full support for all difficulty levels as well as a SUPER EASY mode for anyone to enjoy the mod

-Fully tested multiplayer/online support

-Boss Run mode available (start a new game, go to Level Select and enter the Boss Run doors)

1.3 is the final version. It includes 43 levels, a final boss, 2 endings, level select, a million tweaks, balances & fixes, properly looping custom music, fixed co-op support, and more.

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply unzip all the content inside your Unreal Gold installation. Start a new game and select the Unreal Nightmare campaign in the menu.

More details are included in the read me or on my website, including instructions on how to run a multiplayer server with this mod.

Thanks to Andrew "Drew" Ross, for the amazing maps, Skaarj Castle and Skaarj Tower.

Thanks to .:..: for various scripts, including UTWeapons and many other scripts inspired from his work.

Thanks to Dozey for his Human ScriptedPawn.

Thanks to, their forum and community, Smirftsch, and everyone over there for keeping Unreal alive.

For all the great help given me on the forum OldUnreal forums, thanks to:

.:..: (Dots)

And thank you, the players, for keeping the game alive.

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Subject: Re: [Unreal Gold 227i] Unreal Nightmare 1.3 FINAL Release

Post Posted: 31 May 2017, 19:36

I have nothing much to play, I'll try it this weekend.

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Subject: Re: [Unreal Gold 227i] Unreal Nightmare 1.3 FINAL Release

Post Posted: 16 Jun 2017, 16:10

This mod is worth your time. I reinstalled just to play it and I'm so glad I did. It can be a tough slog through more enemies than you are used to fighting but the project scales well depending on the level and number of enemies. Also there are a dozen or so places where you are going to see some things done that you have not seen before.

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Subject: Re: [Unreal Gold 227i] Unreal Nightmare 1.3 FINAL Release

Post Posted: 08 Aug 2017, 05:36

So far this mod is a blast to play. It's almost like EXU2 but with leveling up. I recommend it tremendously.

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