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[227] RLCoop (Real Life Survival Gametype) [Official Thread - BETA RELEASED]

For discussion of anything relating to multiplayer gameplay in the Unreal series, including co-op.

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Subject: Re: [227] RLCoop (Real Life Survival Gametype) [Official Thread - BETA RELEASED]

Post Posted: 26 Sep 2016, 14:04

Hey Shiv are you going to do once again those big RLCoop parties

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Subject: Re: [227] RLCoop (Real Life Survival Gametype) [Official Thread - BETA RELEASED]

Post Posted: 28 Jan 2017, 19:29

RLCoop Beta Version 2.1 RELEASED!

Major Updates: Knife throwing, completely reworked bleeding system, new RLMENU!

First post updated:


DOWNLOAD V2.1: ...



-KNIFE THROWING FUCK YEAH!! Updated melee fist and knife model, added knife throwing mechanic. Right click to aim with knife, left click to throw. Knife throwing also works as sneak attack with extra damage should enemy be unaware of player.
-New RLMenu interface with Welcome, Controls, and Inventory tabs. (new RLClient.ini for saving last tab opened). Player character on Inventory screen now matches actual animation of your current playerpawn.
-New tilt screen effect when limping based on which leg is limping.
-New red screen texture that pulses to indicate when you are bleeding.
-Health Packs can now stop bleeding if your health is over 100, but will only heal 1 point.
-Prone bobbing effect when moving while prone.


-Can no longer sprint when health is below 75.
-Changed default Accuracy modifiers. Defaults are now BaseAccuracy = 0.7, CrouchModifier = 0.5, IronSightModifier = 0.2, Movement Modifier = 1.5, ProneModifier = 0.1.
-Bleeding mechanic completely reworked. No longer uses 227 bleeding. bUseRLBleeding, BleedChance, BleedMax, and BleedMin modifiers added to RLCoopS advanced options. New defaults, BleedChance = 2, BleedMax = 25, BleedMin = 5. BleedChance is multiplied by the damage you take. Aka, taking 1 damage with a BleedChance of 2 = 2% chance to bleed. Take 50 damage with a BleedChance of 2 = 100% chance to bleed. Bleed amount is randomely selected between BleedMax and BleedMin, then multiplied by 1 for every 10 damage you took. Aka, you take 50 damage, which means multiplier of 5, and then number chose was 20, so 20 x 5 and you will bleed up to 100 health. All of this accumulates as well with every damage taken, and works the same for monsters and players.


-The ability to suicide during the paused game at start. Prevents players from suiciding, dropping all their inventory, and then reconnecting, basically duplicating inventory repeatedly.
-The ability to throw inventory while game paused at start.
-Red bar of stamina death when you run out.


-Fixed RLMenu not appearing at first for new players.
-Fixed exploit that would allow you to keep inventory on next level even if you died.
-Iron Sights/Aiming now works in prone.
-Fixed not being able to use Iron Sights under water.
-Fixed issue with weapons being GODDAMN HUGE under water when first switching to them.
-Fixed still being able to move while healing with Health Pack if using Walk or Crouch keys.
-Fixed not being able to pickup 2 light weapons and 1 heavy weapon if the 2 light weapons were the same weapon.
-Fixed collision and position of players when they die and are revived, especially the glitches that used to happen on movers.
-Fixed bug where level switching while healing would cause your player to be perma frozen/slow.
-(RLCoopMut) Fixed spawn points on Toxic.unr.
-(RLCoopMut) Fixed being able to prone under doors to end on Chizra.unr and NaliC2.unr.

So note that this version most likely won't be updated anymore, Bleeder and I are working on version 3.0 where we are writing the entire mod again from scratch, to fix a lot of shit, the mess, and improve on a lot of what's already there, plus adding tons of new stuff like hunger and water, individual player stats and skills, that crippling mechanic we never worked in, dynamic inventory system, and a shitton more, stay tuned. Image

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