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Subject: DmSkyFall

Post Posted: 09 Aug 2016, 10:19

DmSkyFall is a fun map that is never meant to be released thus it is simple and dumb.
The main idea was to make a map that has some fun factor, but also trains you, your hitscan aim actually.

Players spawn in 4 boxes which boxes deal damage on you over time. The only way to survive (or be killed :P ) is to jump from the edge, into the void of space surroundin' the station.
The gravity is artifically altered, so you will levitate up and down givin' you a chance to kill players campin' at their box or other players levitatin' around as well. Use the Super ASMD to do so.

Image ... l.rar?dl=1

Edit:.The SASMD skin I made looks ugly since it really was just a placeholder but remained because we didn't mind it.

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