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mister_prophet kills Zeds | Killing Floor 2 Summer Event

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Subject: mister_prophet kills Zeds | Killing Floor 2 Summer Event

Post Posted: 15 Jul 2017, 02:38

So, I never had a lot of hands on with this game on PC. But as a free game for last month on PSN a lot of my PS4 buddies have experienced Killing Floor for the first time. July has also endowed the game with a new Summer Event update, adding a sort of circus/carnival theme to the Zeds, at least one new map I've noticed, and some other theme specific unlocks.

Not sure how many of you have had a chance at Killing Floor in the years previous (first game came out in 2009 I think, this one much more recent), and I myself don't know if this event is totally new or has been done before. But I like it, and have been playing a heck of a lot of this game since June. Wave based horde killing seems to be my thing lately.

Anyone else try it? To the uninitiated, I'll remind you that our community's very own Zynthetic is a team member and his audio work is as much in your face as the Zeds.

I prepared a video composite of some of my episodes with the update:


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Subject: Re: mister_prophet kills Zeds | Killing Floor 2 Summer Event

Post Posted: 19 Jul 2017, 20:48

This was one of the reasons I had to drop everything I was doing here. There is occasionally a free weekend on Steam. I don't know if there's any way to be notified but I think free weekends in general seem to start on Fridays and get pretty good visibility on the front page. It might not be a bad idea to check once a week just to see what comes up.

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