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[u1] Custom Map Review: "Konosus: The Secret of Minos" by Robert Wey & W3RM

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Subject: Re: [u1] Custom Map Review: "Konosus: The Secret of Minos" by Robert Wey & W3RM

Post Posted: 12 Sep 2018, 18:07

Darkon wrote:pics don't show up unfortunately... Could some one replace? Please? :)
It sounds like a nice map actually...

I would also like to see the pics replaced. ividyon, if someone sends you some pics, would you take them and add them to these reviews? or maybe some other moderator can do that? I could take pics if you wish, all in original 1280x1024 format.

P.S.: Darkon, the map is good but not excellent - it has a nonsensical ending and the concept feels bigger than what the mapper actually achieved.
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